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The Art Atlas Foundation

Mejorando Vidas, Improving Lives

For almost 20 years, the Art Atlas Foundation has woven itself throughout the Andean region—working to expand opportunities for women and to help them improve their lives. Anntarah has expanded its collection to include incredible hand-crafted items made by women in our training programs. Profits from these items go directly back to the women who made them.

The Art Atlas Foundation is a non-profit created in 2003. Every year through the foundation, a percentage of Anntarah's profit is dedicated to the implementation of programs and activities that support a better quality of life for the communities that make our brand possible.

Real Stories

The foundation has trained over 54 women artisan knitters and weavers who, in many cases, provide the primary income for their households.


Cecilia is an incredibly talented artisan. She started the training program in 2017, and now makes beautiful keychains by hand, coming up with her own designs. Her hard work has allowed her to improve educational opportunities for her children, and her success has motivated many more women to gain self-reliance through the Art Atlas Foundation program.


Norma was born in Puno, a city on Lake Titicaca in the Southernmost region of Peru. She started training with the Art Atlas Foundation in 2018 and since then has become one the most valued knitters at Anntarah. Here she's holding knit alpacas of her own design, one of many she has developed.


Yeni is a mother of 2 and also comes from Puno. She began her artisan training in 2017. Today she runs her own workshop where she employs other artisans from Puno, providing training and critical independent incomes for women in her community.


In order to support mothers and working families Art Atlas provides access to daycare of exceptional quality. Here children receive regular health-care checkups, while playing together and also being close to one or both parents during the day.

Sister Ana

Together with the TX (TzuXing) Foundation of Taiwan, Art Atlas helped open a new school on January 14, 2020.

Lending a Hand

Anntarah's Art Atlas Foundation helps support knitting and textile workshops in the Peruvian Highland community, offering easy-access to funds so that they can aquire and optimize their machinery, while providing artisan training. These efforts promote entreprenuership and woman-centered business development in Arequipa, Peru.