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How We Embody Ethical Fashion

We believe that the future of fashion goes beyond design.


Economically independent women who are willing to exercise leadership. These are the women behind the label at Anntarah.

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Our Foundation

The Foundation’s schools are poor, and these communities are often neglected. These areas suffer from domestic violence and lack of female independence and empowerment. 

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Natural Fibers

Our love of natural fibers and our passion for sustainability is critical to our mission. In particular, Alpaca is our greatest source of inspiration.

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Who We Are

We are proud Peruvians, women owned and dedicated to improving the lives of those who help to bring you beautiful garments. 

Art Atlas

At Art Atlas we are committed to responsible production, preserving our cultural legacy in Peru and contributing to a sustainable lifestyle for the communities that we work with.

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Woman Owned and Operated

Jessica Rodriguez, CEO of Anntarah, fell in love with natural fibers many years ago when she was starting out in the textile world. She's dedicated to making Anntarah a leading voice in sustainable apparel.

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Arequipa Peru

Arequipa is considered the Alpaca capitol of the world. 90% of the worlds commercially available alpaca fiber is processed in this region.

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Our Production Methods

Our garments are made to ensure the highest level of quality while limiting waste and environmental impact. 

Knitting by Hand

Hand Knitting is an art form which expresses and coveys the love of the Artisan.

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The art of weaving by hand has been refined in Peru over many Centuries.

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Hand Finishing

All of our products are finished by hand and are backed by international Fair Trade, Social Responsibility and Environment certifications.

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