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Natural Fiber

A Difference You Can Feel

We must value and care for the wonderful resources that nature has given us.

Organic Peruvian Cotton

Cotton was likely first domesticated in Peru. The oldest cotton fabric was found in Huaca Prieta, Peru, and dates to about 6000 BCE. Today, the country is home to many varieties, and small-scale organic cotton farmers continue to carry on a tradition that spans thousands of years.

Wearing organic cotton fabrics against your skin is refreshingly soft, smooth, and light. The natural feel is a welcome contrast to the polluting man-made fabrics that are ubiquitous in the fast fashion industry today.

Free Range Alpaca

Peru is also home to the majestic and adorable alpaca, a native camelid and integral part of the Peruvian landscape. Within Peru there are approximately 85,000 families that serve as small-scale breeders, raising and caring for free-ranging alpacas. With dedication and love, these families have cared for alpaca for generations, living in the extreme altitudes of the Peruvian Highlands, where alpacas aren’t just a vital part of their economic survival, but also a benefit to the ecology of the landscape. Alpaca farming “is the best and most efficient way to ensure the Andes don’t go dry,” says the esteemed ecologist Antonia Brack.

Alpaca fiber is extraordinarily warm and has been depended upon for millennia to insulate Peruvians from the extreme temperatures of the Andes. At Anntarah, we use only “Baby Alpaca” and “Royal Alpaca.” These terms refer to the finest-micron fibers on the alpacas’ bodies and are the most sought-after for their ultra-soft texture. When you pull on a sweater made from Baby or Royal Alpaca, you’ll notice the plush feel and lushly soft warmth.

Suri Alpaca